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10 Oct 2023 Seattle

Twitter has fallen. The fix is in. You’ve gotta go back to running your own stack to support your content.

Every post hidden on a pro account Globally shadowbanned forever

r/SeattleWA is still one of the very few last places of community journalism and discussion among neghbors on the free internet. All the local media follows it and picks up stories from it. Internet bedrock is hard to make, but we did it. Most organic community is already hidden in appspace on places like Nextdoor and other closed spaces and will eventually be expunged.

Closed places don’t matter. Open discussion, as free as can be permitted, is required for peace. Why are all these weak fragile people pushing so hard for conflict that they are so poorly equipped to handle?

We are in an information golden age and no one reads history. It’s barely taught, sure, but everyone who has the tiniest motivation can learn.

What is more important than history is real-time information. r/SeattleWA succeeded where everyone else failed.

We curated news of the chinese bioweapon testing in Seattle in real time from sources as they appeared for weeks.

We followed the crazy trashfire that was allowed in the middle of my neighborhood as disinfo greater good types unsuccessfully attempted to gaslight the conversation.

In the meantime, and as of today, these shadow cabal types like twitter and facebook (or x and meta if you will. Disgraced brands always try to dodge) will no longer be supported with content. We don’t need them and we don’t need to support them with our money, our eyeballs, or our digital shadow that they sell out the back door. Content is everything, so I’ll make every effort to redirect all content somewhere where it is appreciated. In the meantime, you can use the reddit app they’re so serious about people using.

At some future point, I’ll release a field guide for the methods and tactics of deplatforming and gaslighting used by these groups as I’ve been taking careful notes for about ten years. Most of the acedemic coverage of this has been performed by people on a quest for selection bias, so perhaps someone will find it useful. It is worth mentioning that it is largely militia based and driven by the usual dictatotial magical thinking that has produced the majority of attrocity and suffering in human history who unironically think they’re the right people to send you to the camps for re-education. Their reddit foot-soldiers are ineffective, mostly because admin queues take a day and we can clean up the calls for genocide from the r/LateStageCapitalism and r/antiwork porn throwaways quickly. Why are these losers always screaming for blood? This is a classical question and has been answered in antiquity and in the enlightment far better than I will here and you should seek it out if you’re not familiar.

Cleaning up toxic local reddit has been my successful community service effort, much like we heart seattle does in real life with trash, and we’ve been rewarded in the ways that an educated and aware populace produces.

a community for 10 years

It looks like this is all coming to an end as community content is removed, automation closes in on mods, and the site moves from an open web experience to another closed app.

I’ll go ahead and delete all of the big tech reposting pages as they’ve all been shadowbanned and punished into invisibility. This is how our czars want to do things. I can’t say I’m optimistic about their chances given what’s happened every other time.

I’ll continue to push content to distributed platforms, like Seattle’s lemmy instance, and other places that are not openly hostile to normal people and their content.